Custom Clearance

BSCA ensures seamless service for all our customers and helps them receive goods on time without any hassle. Our custom intermediate staff would help you with smooth Export and Import regulations with the right records for all your shipment needs. We also handle all trade compliance procedures and adhering to policies.

Import Cargo Clearance

We are efficient in handling commodities like Cotton, textile machinery, metals, live animals, computers, electronics, medical equipment, and chemicals. We also ship cereals, pulses, garlic, photocopiers, printers, monitors, and toys.

Export Cargo Materials

Engineering Goods, yarn, fabrics, garments, automobiles goods, textile machinery parts, industrial valves, over dimensional machinery, live animals.

BSCA makes sure that the movement of these goods is hassle-free and conforms to quality standards and delivery schedules enabling the Importers and Exporters to achieve optimal cost reduction in material management.

BSCA has also cleared all Consignment under different schemes like Advance License/D.E.P.B/ E.P.C.G./Project Imports & 100% EOU.

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